PRIVACY (excerpt)

Posted in Uncategorized by supergoing on November 6, 2010

“flickr records each view of an image. tumblr records each like and reblog. as the shared reality of an image expands its privacy diminishes. the virgin image becomes the slut image.

branding is built into the internet and neoliberal public space. a couple reactions to this emerge: 1) sarcastic embrace of corporate values (power, property, expansion, modernism, helvetica, hierarchy, addition, multiplication, masculinity, relentlessness, glass, steel) 2) quiet embrace of the closed environment (subtraction, division, walls, children, naive, Montessouri, Quaker, garden, relax-in, relenting, arranging, sustaining)

a difference between exterior and interior space, perhaps. the public sphere vs the private sphere. or is it the other way around? facebook resembles the megamall atrium, echoing the voices of everyone inside. the corporate office. the comic convention. the megachurch. going to extravagant lengths to interiorize large groups of people. containment. crowd control.

private spaces are also about containment and crowd control – containing privacy and keeping the crowd at bay (at the door? at the window?). and these private spaces are also about property – about the private garden, the backyard, the studio. to sustain these spaces one needs income. the more private the store, the less traffic it receives.”

Image by Carson Fisk-Vittori

Really great blog w/ good opinions and good comix.

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