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I’ve had a pretty relaxed + cheerful year. The working world didn’t want me, so I spent most of the year doing what ever I wanted, cheaply.

Here’s what I can remember…


Tea Parlour

Amelia + Roarke’s Halloween party ft. 2 Pac, Biggie Smalls + Lil Wayne
Feasting in the VIP area @ Changing Lanes Festival
Reading fiction
Reaching a new level of laziness

Was definitely a year to be excited about local music (even if I missed a lot)…

Dead Farmers LP launch w/ Royal Headache + Dick Diver @ 202
Holy Balm + Naked on the Vague + others @ Good God Small Club
Dora Maar + others @ The Lansdowne
Royal Headache + Dominic Talarico all the time
Hoops @ Changing Lanes Festival
Bardo Pond @ The Studio
King Khann + BBQ @ The Studio
Boredoms + Holy Balm @ The Metro
Big Boi @ The Horden Pavillion
Birushanah + White Horse @ Dirty Shirlows
Tim Hecker @ The Sando

Song of the year:


Ipod DJ’s
Biennale of Sydney
Fuckwits tracing off tumblr
My local record store shutting down
Boris @ The Studio
Grouper @ The Sando

Lookin’ forward to 2011, cya then!

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Movies Lately –

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The Adventures and Misadventures of Maqroll (excerpt)

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“To learn, above all, to distrust memory. What we believe we remember is completely alien to, completely different to what really happened. So many moments of irritating, wearisome disgust are returned to us years later by memory as spendidly happy episodes. Nostalgia is the lie that speeds our approach to death. To live without remembering may be the secret of the gods.”

‘The Adventures and Misadventures of Maqroll’, Alvaro Mutis, p 94

Fuck You

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