Posted in Uncategorized by supergoing on December 24, 2010

I’ve had a pretty relaxed + cheerful year. The working world didn’t want me, so I spent most of the year doing what ever I wanted, cheaply.

Here’s what I can remember…


Tea Parlour

Amelia + Roarke’s Halloween party ft. 2 Pac, Biggie Smalls + Lil Wayne
Feasting in the VIP area @ Changing Lanes Festival
Reading fiction
Reaching a new level of laziness

Was definitely a year to be excited about local music (even if I missed a lot)…

Dead Farmers LP launch w/ Royal Headache + Dick Diver @ 202
Holy Balm + Naked on the Vague + others @ Good God Small Club
Dora Maar + others @ The Lansdowne
Royal Headache + Dominic Talarico all the time
Hoops @ Changing Lanes Festival
Bardo Pond @ The Studio
King Khann + BBQ @ The Studio
Boredoms + Holy Balm @ The Metro
Big Boi @ The Horden Pavillion
Birushanah + White Horse @ Dirty Shirlows
Tim Hecker @ The Sando

Song of the year:


Ipod DJ’s
Biennale of Sydney
Fuckwits tracing off tumblr
My local record store shutting down
Boris @ The Studio
Grouper @ The Sando

Lookin’ forward to 2011, cya then!

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