Crawlspace (excerpt)

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“…the figure seated at my table now bore scarcely any resemblance to that somewhat vague and unremarkable figure. There were still a few vestiges of that person, some lingering shadows of a former presence, but that presence was now almost wholly erased and transformed into a new presence…”

 ‘Crawlspace’ (1971), Herbert Lieberman, p. 96-97

Excerpt: ‘Driver’s Seat’ – Virginia Slim

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My eyes adjust to the darkness. My face is buried in a bush. It’s his pubes. His cock is filling my throat. Like a giant monster slug blocking up the sewers. I would be gagging if I could. But I can’t. My muscles have all turned to mush. I look up and can vaguely make out the curves of his chest, his biceps. His face, looking down at me with a mix of concern, rage, lust, pity. Things start fading in and out of focus. White Light.



He’s patting my hair, calling me honey. He says I’m sweeter than sugar. I could be a model if I was a real girl. That’s why I should get clean, stop taking these nasty drugs. He pulls my head up by the ponytail, yanks my jaw open and lowers me back down onto his throbbing, rock-hard cock. He cums so deep inside me. It feels like a bullet to the brain. (Static).



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Susan Sontag is standing in Lucas Samaras’ ‘Mirrored Room’ (1966) waiting to hug me, 2012.
Digital collage