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Mad Nanna – I Made Blood Better LP (Negative Guestlist)
Blank Realm – Go Easy LP (Bedroom Suck)
Holy Balm – It’s You LP (Not Not Fun/RIP Society)
Meat Thump – Box Of Wine/Feel Good 7″ (Negative Guestlist)
Whores – Mob Reality 7″ (RIP Society)
Eastlink – Self-Titled CS (Creep Dreams)
Fabulous Diamonds – Commercial Music LP (Chapter)
Sky Needle – Rave Cave LP (Negative Guestlist)
Oily Boys – Demo CS (Disinfect)
Boomgates – Double Natural LP (Bedroom Suck)

The Friendsters – ‘Desperation’

Honourable mention: Michael Ozone – Perfect Systems/Hetrotopia 12″ (Juno)

I haven’t listened to a heap of others. This is the first time my end of year has been mostly all Australian. (Trying to stifle feelings of pride.)

Blues Control – Valley Tangents LP (Drag City/RIP Society)

Toumane Diabte with Ballake Sissko – New Ancient Strings (Hannibal, 1999)

Ata Kak – Obaa Sima CS (198?, ?)

Tronics – Love Backed By Force (1981, Alien/R2012, What’s Your Rupture?)

Didn’t listen to much new music outside of the Australia this year, sorry world.


Mad Nanna @ Red Rattler
Sky Needle + Cured Pink @ Psycho Subtropics, Serial Space
Amateur Childbirth @ Sound Summit, Croatian Wickham Sports Club
Blank Realm @ FBI Social (outshined Mark McGuire for sure)
Blues Control + Ruined Fortune @ The Square
Lucy Cliche @ Firstdraft Depo… This only happened the other night but I left super excited about this project. Sounds like a goth prom.
Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys w/ Woollen Kits + Terrible Truths @ The Square

All Housewives, Four Door, MOB, Half High, Stag, Love Chants, Prehistoric Fuckin’ Moron, Oily Boys n’ Model Citizen shows

Prince should be on here except I got too excited, then too drunk and I don’t remember the set – same story w/ Nun at Maggotfest. (Face to palm)

DJ sets

Dad’s With Earrings @ MCA Art Bar
DJ Robert Lake @ Holy Balm LP launch, Good God Small Club


Stuart Ringholt – Starring William Shatner as Curator @ Society
Reality Considerations (For The Sake Of) @ 55 Sydenham Rd
Jesse Hogan + Nick Briggs – Temporary Autonomous Library @ 55 Sydenham Rd
Crisis Complex @ Tin Sheds
Time Machine @ Fraser Studios

HM: Cool World @ Alaska


JG Ballard – Complete short stories Vol. 1
Hito Steyerl – The Wretched of the Screen
Sam Wallman – Being Born is goin Blind
Virginia Slim – Cocksucker Bruise
The Lifted Brow
Normal Guy
Also this.


Autonomy & Deliberation, 2012
Holy Motors, 2012
Wreck It Ralph, 2012
Searching For Sugarman, 2012
Paranoid, 2000


Tan and Cushla’s wedding, Family, Autonomy & Deliberation screening, The Square, Crawlspace, Sunset People, Sound Summit weekend, Melbourne trip #2 for the Villa Alba exhibition + Next Wave DJ set, free movies, moving back to Blacktown.


Plumbing on Kirk Street, drunk plane puke, new+shit small bars, sea punk, pastel colours, memes, hashtags, reblogs, King st. (Newtown) + living in the area, hair falling out, moving back to Blacktown.

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  1. Dimity Kasz (@goldbutts) said, on December 16, 2012 at 6:33 pm

    Mad Nanna @ RR has got to be my top live show too. So many ~feels~

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