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Although a small underworld of print zinemaking exists today, blogs, tumblr, websites, and social networking sites have essentially replaced these. What are some the advantages and disadvantages to this cultural transformation?

In one word: DISTRACTION. Plus: TOO MANY FISH IN THE SEA. TOO MUCH INFORMATION (TMI). Lack of Trustworthy “Curation.” The loudest masters of self-promotion get the most distribution—but often they have nothing (or little) to say—they spent so much time learning how to promote themselves that they failed to master any knowledge in-depth, so essentially they have NO CONTENT. And, of course, no ethics or morals… they just are shills for the status quo. You can waste far too much time on the Internet, on social networks… and at the end of your life, find you have produced NOTHING of your own, that has unique and lasting content and inspiration value.

Q & A with V. Vale

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