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Photo: The note that Jack wrote to the person who would keep placing garbage bins directly in front of our door.

I don’t remember a lot of the year, it has been mostly weird. The events ingrained in my mind don’t really fit into any kind of “enjoyment” category – maybe I’m growing up.

I made a wee contribution along with plenty of other good folk to Crawlspace earlier in the month that sums up the things I cared about this year in music. You can (and should) read it all of it here.

I missed a mention of Superstar’s – “A Toast To…”, that LP sounds like a dream.

Alain Robbe-Grillet – Snapshots
Francis Plagne – Matt Hinkley and the Embedded Mark in Discipline #2
Re/search Р#8/9:  J.G. Ballard
Richard Shusterman – Deep Theory and Surface Blindness: On the Aesthetic Visibility of Print in Surface and Depth
Robert Morris – Notes on Sculpture Pt. 1, 2 + Anti-Form in Artforum
Ruth Pelzer-Montada – The Attraction of Print: Notes on the Surface of the (Art) Print


All That Is Solid
Behind the Candelabra
Computer Chess
Crazy Sexy Cool: TLC Movie
Encounter at Raven’s Gate
Growing Up Gayby
Hell is a City
The Thing
Time Without Pity
Top of the Lake
Yakuza Graveyard


moving back into the city, Video Ezy, visiting Brisbane for the first time, getting that bursary when work started cutting my shifts, hair growing back, working at SCA library, Intense Nest showcase @ Sound Summit, getting lost in Stanwell Park, playing Four Door at Sarah’s wedding and watching lots of daggy dads go wild.

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Horizon Mix

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I made a little new year warm up mix for Oyster Magazine.


1. Active Force – ‘Bottom Line’
2. Yvone Chaka Chaka – ‘Sangoma’
3. Heatsick – ‘Snakes & Ladders’
4. Armando – ‘World Unknown (My Mixx Is Dunn)’
5. Precious System – ‘The Voice From Planet Love’
6. Joe Smooth – ‘Promised Land (Original Mix)’
7. Robin S – ‘Show Me Love’
8. Holy Balm – ‘One & Only’
9. Clio – ‘Faces’
10. Scotch – ‘Take Me Up’