Posted in Uncategorized by supergoing on January 13, 2016

Freak hail storm that ruined my last house. South King St, Newtown.

Some things I remember fondly from 2015.

Rag Rag Festival + Paradise Biannual @ Marrickville Bowling Club / Blackwire Records
Grace Jones @ Carriageworks
Lucy Cliche – ‘Drain Down’ EP (Noise In My Head) + Live @ Meredith Festival.
Superstar – ‘Table For Two’ LP (Bedroomsuck Records)
Monica Brooks live @ the Opera House. Repressed Records/Vivid night.
Ghastly Spats ‘Spinozism Exorcism’ LP (RIP Society)
Sex Tourists – Demo (Trackside Records)
Matthew Brown, Orion, Wet Kiss & Dominic Talarico live @ Freda’s.
Rule of Thirds – Self-titled LP (No Patience)
The Rangoons – ‘A Postcard From Rangoon Island’ EP (Paradise Daily)
Container – Self-titled LP (Spectrum Spools) + Live @ Freemasons Hall, ADL. Unsound Festival.
Nun live @ Carriageworks. At First Sight.
Brando’s Island first 7” (Million Dollar Records)
Knitted Abyss, Moonmilk, Clocks & Clouds, Jannah Quill, WDK, Bura Bura sets.

A.P, moving out of Newtown, Goodwok laksa, cannolis in Footscray, gettin’ wrecked on martinis during 1st DJ set at the Bearded Tit, I played a pinball machine on a large stage to people for Vivid and they applauded after.

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