Nice Music Series III

Posted in Uncategorized by supergoing on August 10, 2017

Pleased to join the Nice Music family along w/ Compound, Maria Moles & Adam Halliwell, Cooper Bowman, Simon J Karis and Match Fixer 🙂


Nice Music is pleased to present ‘I’, the stunningly beautiful debut release from Sydney’s Skyline, comprised of Del Lumanta (one half of duo Video Ezy with Nina Buchanan, Paradise Daily) and David Akerman of Dead Farmers (RIP Society). The duo’s thoughtful attention to crystalline sonic detail conjures a rich glow around the edges of their elongated ambient synth and piano plateaus. Dutiful care has been taken with the mix over these four pieces, each gleaming with a warm and very genuine incandescence, whilst resisting the triteness or stuffiness of much modern ambient stock. Pristinely engaging, ‘I’ brims with light and love and charms the listener closer still with each visit. A quiet blessing. For fans of Ryuichi Sakamoto, Flower for PlayStation3. – Simon J Karis


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