Untitled (the edifice. restored. veers/exalts but was not total)

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The decision to restore a structure is a precise intervention in which its possessor has discovered or rediscovered (a) distinguished characteristic(s) that over time have faded. To restore is an effort to return to a previous setting that operates against time by repairing what appears to be decayed and removes particular narratives that mark a space. However, despite the efforts and techniques utilized, a restored space can never exist in its original condition. It must look toward new narratives and embrace new potential.

‘Untitled (the edifice. restored. veers/exalts but was not total)’ is a series of digital illustrations that attempts to investigate the transition between ruined and restored spaces and the movement of time.

Untitled (the edifice. restored. veers/exalts but was not total), 2012
42 x  29.7 cm (A3)
18 pp.
black toner
thermal bound
edition of 20 [still available for purchase]
$20 AUD

PDF download of the book I made for the Narrative Space group exhibition at the Villa Alba Museum in Kew, Melbourne last month.

Madness of the Day (excerpts)

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“Am I an egoist? I feel drawn to only a few people, pity no one, rarely wish to please, rarely wish to be pleased, and I, who am almost unfeeling where I myself am concerned, suffer only in them, so that their slightest worry becomes an infinitely great misfortune for me, and even so, if I have to, I deliberately sacrifice them, I deprive them every feeling of happiness (sometimes I kill them).”

“She was reduced to saying futile things: ‘The truth is that we can never be separated again. I will follow you everywhere. I will live under your roof; we will share the same sleep.'”

– From Madness of the Day, Maurice Blanchot

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