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Although a small underworld of print zinemaking exists today, blogs, tumblr, websites, and social networking sites have essentially replaced these. What are some the advantages and disadvantages to this cultural transformation?

In one word: DISTRACTION. Plus: TOO MANY FISH IN THE SEA. TOO MUCH INFORMATION (TMI). Lack of Trustworthy “Curation.” The loudest masters of self-promotion get the most distribution—but often they have nothing (or little) to say—they spent so much time learning how to promote themselves that they failed to master any knowledge in-depth, so essentially they have NO CONTENT. And, of course, no ethics or morals… they just are shills for the status quo. You can waste far too much time on the Internet, on social networks… and at the end of your life, find you have produced NOTHING of your own, that has unique and lasting content and inspiration value.

Q & A with V. Vale

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The Secret Room (excerpt)

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“The fragile wrist is encircled by an iron bracelet. The arm is almost in darkness, only the hand receiving enough light to make the thin, outspread fingers clearly visible against the circular protrusion at the base of the stone column. A black metal chain running around the column passes through the ring affixed to the the bracelet, binding the wrist tightly to the column.”

‘The Secret Room’ (1962) in Snapshots, Alain Robbe-Grillet p. 69

The Air Of Conquerors (excerpt)

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“Give me a break!

The apocalypse is nothing more than a bereft imagination of small mortal lives around us, unable to consider the world without them. For it is true that the world shall continue on; just as the sun shall expand and seize the monuments aloft in a giant solar flare. All matter will explode in the trapped air of the conquerors. This natural phenomenon will not be one of violence or rage, yet for all those without this vision, all then that is left is the apocalypse: nothing more than an ego-driven enterprise, transferred through anxious individuals into the paranoia of nations.”

‘The Air Of Conquerors’ (2012), S.T. Lore, p.25

The Air Of Conquerors (excerpt)

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“It was reassuring for her to view this landscape, to know that all that exists will return to molten form, whether it is a column of stone wrapped in molten metal or the figure of human beings themselves – all our landscapes will bloom and evolve along with dying stars.

Just look around.”

‘The Air Of Conquerors’ (2012), S.T. Lore, p.18

Crawlspace (excerpt)

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“I have never paid much attention to my morality, being content in the past to trust God on that score. I suppose that in some naive and childish way I believed I was going to live forever and that death is an accident that only happens to someone else. But of course we all think that way.

On this night I lay in bed listening to the beat of my heart, which had been slamming away at the mattress beneath me. Suddenly it appeared to flutter and then stop. I could hear it no longer. Silence such as I’d never heard or ever believed was possible on this earth of birds and insects and machines- that was the silence that swarmed upon me. And in that moment I believed I’d died or that I had reached the moment directly preceding death- the transitional moment where a person stands on the threshold of two worlds, not quite in either.

It was a moment of sheer panic. My instinct was to cry out and leap up, to somehow claw my way back into the world of the living. But I was petrified of moving, for fear that the slightest motion on my part would drive me over the precipice.”

—  ’Crawlspace’ (1971), Herbert Lieberman, p.242-243

Crawlspace (excerpt)

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“…the figure seated at my table now bore scarcely any resemblance to that somewhat vague and unremarkable figure. There were still a few vestiges of that person, some lingering shadows of a former presence, but that presence was now almost wholly erased and transformed into a new presence…”

 ‘Crawlspace’ (1971), Herbert Lieberman, p. 96-97

Excerpt: ‘Driver’s Seat’ – Virginia Slim

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My eyes adjust to the darkness. My face is buried in a bush. It’s his pubes. His cock is filling my throat. Like a giant monster slug blocking up the sewers. I would be gagging if I could. But I can’t. My muscles have all turned to mush. I look up and can vaguely make out the curves of his chest, his biceps. His face, looking down at me with a mix of concern, rage, lust, pity. Things start fading in and out of focus. White Light.



He’s patting my hair, calling me honey. He says I’m sweeter than sugar. I could be a model if I was a real girl. That’s why I should get clean, stop taking these nasty drugs. He pulls my head up by the ponytail, yanks my jaw open and lowers me back down onto his throbbing, rock-hard cock. He cums so deep inside me. It feels like a bullet to the brain. (Static).


The Temple of the Golden Pavilion (excerpt)

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“… a dead man’s face falls into an infinite depth beneath the surface which the face possessed when it was alive, leaving nothing for the survivors to see but the frame of the mask; it falls so deep, indeed, that it can never be pulled back to the surface. A dead man’s face can tell us better than anything else in this world how far removed we are from the true existence of physical substance, how impossible it is for us to lay hands on the way in which this substance exists.”

‘The Temple of the Golden Pavilion’, Yukio Mishima, p 30

The Adventures and Misadventures of Maqroll (excerpt)

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“To learn, above all, to distrust memory. What we believe we remember is completely alien to, completely different to what really happened. So many moments of irritating, wearisome disgust are returned to us years later by memory as spendidly happy episodes. Nostalgia is the lie that speeds our approach to death. To live without remembering may be the secret of the gods.”

‘The Adventures and Misadventures of Maqroll’, Alvaro Mutis, p 94

PRIVACY (excerpt)

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“flickr records each view of an image. tumblr records each like and reblog. as the shared reality of an image expands its privacy diminishes. the virgin image becomes the slut image.

branding is built into the internet and neoliberal public space. a couple reactions to this emerge: 1) sarcastic embrace of corporate values (power, property, expansion, modernism, helvetica, hierarchy, addition, multiplication, masculinity, relentlessness, glass, steel) 2) quiet embrace of the closed environment (subtraction, division, walls, children, naive, Montessouri, Quaker, garden, relax-in, relenting, arranging, sustaining)

a difference between exterior and interior space, perhaps. the public sphere vs the private sphere. or is it the other way around? facebook resembles the megamall atrium, echoing the voices of everyone inside. the corporate office. the comic convention. the megachurch. going to extravagant lengths to interiorize large groups of people. containment. crowd control.

private spaces are also about containment and crowd control – containing privacy and keeping the crowd at bay (at the door? at the window?). and these private spaces are also about property – about the private garden, the backyard, the studio. to sustain these spaces one needs income. the more private the store, the less traffic it receives.”

Image by Carson Fisk-Vittori

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