Crawlspace (excerpt)

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“I have never paid much attention to my morality, being content in the past to trust God on that score. I suppose that in some naive and childish way I believed I was going to live forever and that death is an accident that only happens to someone else. But of course we all think that way.

On this night I lay in bed listening to the beat of my heart, which had been slamming away at the mattress beneath me. Suddenly it appeared to flutter and then stop. I could hear it no longer. Silence such as I’d never heard or ever believed was possible on this earth of birds and insects and machines- that was the silence that swarmed upon me. And in that moment I believed I’d died or that I had reached the moment directly preceding death- the transitional moment where a person stands on the threshold of two worlds, not quite in either.

It was a moment of sheer panic. My instinct was to cry out and leap up, to somehow claw my way back into the world of the living. But I was petrified of moving, for fear that the slightest motion on my part would drive me over the precipice.”

—  ’Crawlspace’ (1971), Herbert Lieberman, p.242-243

Crawlspace (excerpt)

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“…the figure seated at my table now bore scarcely any resemblance to that somewhat vague and unremarkable figure. There were still a few vestiges of that person, some lingering shadows of a former presence, but that presence was now almost wholly erased and transformed into a new presence…”

 ‘Crawlspace’ (1971), Herbert Lieberman, p. 96-97