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Mad Nanna – I Made Blood Better LP (Negative Guestlist)
Blank Realm – Go Easy LP (Bedroom Suck)
Holy Balm – It’s You LP (Not Not Fun/RIP Society)
Meat Thump – Box Of Wine/Feel Good 7″ (Negative Guestlist)
Whores – Mob Reality 7″ (RIP Society)
Eastlink – Self-Titled CS (Creep Dreams)
Fabulous Diamonds – Commercial Music LP (Chapter)
Sky Needle – Rave Cave LP (Negative Guestlist)
Oily Boys – Demo CS (Disinfect)
Boomgates – Double Natural LP (Bedroom Suck)

The Friendsters – ‘Desperation’

Honourable mention: Michael Ozone – Perfect Systems/Hetrotopia 12″ (Juno)

I haven’t listened to a heap of others. This is the first time my end of year has been mostly all Australian. (Trying to stifle feelings of pride.)

Blues Control – Valley Tangents LP (Drag City/RIP Society)

Toumane Diabte with Ballake Sissko – New Ancient Strings (Hannibal, 1999)

Ata Kak – Obaa Sima CS (198?, ?)

Tronics – Love Backed By Force (1981, Alien/R2012, What’s Your Rupture?)

Didn’t listen to much new music outside of the Australia this year, sorry world.


Mad Nanna @ Red Rattler
Sky Needle + Cured Pink @ Psycho Subtropics, Serial Space
Amateur Childbirth @ Sound Summit, Croatian Wickham Sports Club
Blank Realm @ FBI Social (outshined Mark McGuire for sure)
Blues Control + Ruined Fortune @ The Square
Lucy Cliche @ Firstdraft Depo… This only happened the other night but I left super excited about this project. Sounds like a goth prom.
Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys w/ Woollen Kits + Terrible Truths @ The Square

All Housewives, Four Door, MOB, Half High, Stag, Love Chants, Prehistoric Fuckin’ Moron, Oily Boys n’ Model Citizen shows

Prince should be on here except I got too excited, then too drunk and I don’t remember the set – same story w/ Nun at Maggotfest. (Face to palm)

DJ sets

Dad’s With Earrings @ MCA Art Bar
DJ Robert Lake @ Holy Balm LP launch, Good God Small Club


Stuart Ringholt – Starring William Shatner as Curator @ Society
Reality Considerations (For The Sake Of) @ 55 Sydenham Rd
Jesse Hogan + Nick Briggs – Temporary Autonomous Library @ 55 Sydenham Rd
Crisis Complex @ Tin Sheds
Time Machine @ Fraser Studios

HM: Cool World @ Alaska


JG Ballard – Complete short stories Vol. 1
Hito Steyerl – The Wretched of the Screen
Sam Wallman – Being Born is goin Blind
Virginia Slim – Cocksucker Bruise
The Lifted Brow
Normal Guy
Also this.


Autonomy & Deliberation, 2012
Holy Motors, 2012
Wreck It Ralph, 2012
Searching For Sugarman, 2012
Paranoid, 2000


Tan and Cushla’s wedding, Family, Autonomy & Deliberation screening, The Square, Crawlspace, Sunset People, Sound Summit weekend, Melbourne trip #2 for the Villa Alba exhibition + Next Wave DJ set, free movies, moving back to Blacktown.


Plumbing on Kirk Street, drunk plane puke, new+shit small bars, sea punk, pastel colours, memes, hashtags, reblogs, King st. (Newtown) + living in the area, hair falling out, moving back to Blacktown.

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Drunk chalk portrait of Dimity @ Maggotfest.


Feeding fish in the sea, various occasions.
First 2ser graveyard shift w/ Dimity.
Running a successful night w/ Stevie + Never playing the same DJ set ever.
Kate’s birthday aka. Ding Dong Dang SUPERBASS karaoke show down.
Incision exhibition w/ Daryl, Isobel and Sean @ the Papermill Gallery
Jimmy givin’ me his old Wacom tablet, twice.
Movin’ out.



Brotox @, SCA + Jon Hunter @ Chingalings, Difficult Music: Patti Smith night + Fabulous Diamonds @ Oxford Art Factory [supporting Moonduo] + Oren Ambarchi @ The Red Rattler, the now NOW festival opening night.

10 ) Repairs @ Dome Home.
9 ) Gang Gang Dance @ The Opera House.
8 ) Big Freedia @ Goodgod Small Club.
7 ) The Alice Cooper Show @ Dome Home, Tone.
6 ) Dead Farmers @ FBI Social.
5 ) Royal Headache LP Launch w/ Holy Balm + Model Citizen @ Goodgod Small Club.
4 ) Feedtime w/ Useless Children + 3 Toed Sloth @ Sandringham Hotel.
3 ) Andrew WK + Royal Headache @ Oxford Art Factory.
2 ) Total Control LP Launch w/ Naked on the Vague + Holy Balm @ Goodgod Small Club.
1 ) Raw Prawn + Model Citizen every time.



Dead Farmers – ‘Out The Door’ 7″  + Royal Headache – Self Titled + The Singing Skies – ‘Routine and War’ + Mark Macguire – ‘A Young Persons Guide to Mark McGuire’ [anthology] + Bob Lind – ‘Since There Were Circles’ [reissue, 2006?]

5 ) Psychic Paramount – ‘II’
4 ) Golden Staph – Self Titled
3 ) Tim Hecker – ‘Rave Death 1972’
2 ) Grouper – ‘A I A’
1 ) Total Control – ‘Henge Beat’


Tabloid, 2011
Terri, 2011
Samurai Cop, 1989
Stone, 1974
Nostalgia For The Light, 2010


The Stealer of Souls, Michael Moorcock
The Sexual Outlaw, John Rechy
The Maximortal, Rick Veitch


Country Grammar
Dome Home

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I’ve had a pretty relaxed + cheerful year. The working world didn’t want me, so I spent most of the year doing what ever I wanted, cheaply.

Here’s what I can remember…


Tea Parlour

Amelia + Roarke’s Halloween party ft. 2 Pac, Biggie Smalls + Lil Wayne
Feasting in the VIP area @ Changing Lanes Festival
Reading fiction
Reaching a new level of laziness

Was definitely a year to be excited about local music (even if I missed a lot)…

Dead Farmers LP launch w/ Royal Headache + Dick Diver @ 202
Holy Balm + Naked on the Vague + others @ Good God Small Club
Dora Maar + others @ The Lansdowne
Royal Headache + Dominic Talarico all the time
Hoops @ Changing Lanes Festival
Bardo Pond @ The Studio
King Khann + BBQ @ The Studio
Boredoms + Holy Balm @ The Metro
Big Boi @ The Horden Pavillion
Birushanah + White Horse @ Dirty Shirlows
Tim Hecker @ The Sando

Song of the year:


Ipod DJ’s
Biennale of Sydney
Fuckwits tracing off tumblr
My local record store shutting down
Boris @ The Studio
Grouper @ The Sando

Lookin’ forward to 2011, cya then!

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